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SenseMapping: offered by Content Evolution.

Be fully human.

SenseMapping provides a process and perspective to design products, systems and services that are fully human compatible. That strongly and openly display presence. SenseMapping allows for the design of presence by considering and connecting all five human senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling – to human sensemaking that includes head, heart and gut along with interests and values.

The ability to describe internal and external alignment is critical for designing presence and experience. Content Evolution member company Choiceflows offers the CC-Align method which is a contraction of the term “company-customer alignment.” CC-Align is a way to benchmark the current state of internal and external interests and values calibration. CC-Align then finds undiscovered opportunities for design and strategic interaction that is beneficial to the organization and those it serves. When repeated, it is a measurement for documenting improvement.

Where are you today? The SenseMapping i5 Maturity Model helps you understand if time and resources are being spent on voice-of-people and gaining the extraordinary benefits of designing presence.

From a Client’s Perspective

“We specifically use Content Evolution’s SenseMapping practice team for new product and services customer experience development. During a multi-month preparation period and a week-long workshop of action-learning we achieved a breakthrough action plan. Our team of professional participants report that it was a remarkable week and the best workshop they have ever attended.”

“We particularly value Content Evolutions’ approach on its work in people research, strategic insights that drive business models, and developing brands that can deliver memorable and meaningful experiences for customers and the marketplace-at-large.”

Willie Yam

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