The Roots of SenseMapping

SenseMapping has its origin in applications of design thinking at IBM and ThinkPad (today Lenovo) over two decades ago now widespread at IBM and in the marketplace at large.

SenseMapping inventor and leader Kevin Clark is a pioneer in multi-track journey mapping, sense-layering, and a published author – and is Director emeritus IBM Brand and Values Experience. His writing includes “Unleashing the Power of Design Thinking” in the book Design Thinking – and the book Brandscendence: Three Essential Elements of Enduring Brands. Kevin is Federation Leader and President of Content Evolution.

Co-founders Dr. Stacey Baer, Todd Hoskins, Jim Kwolyk and Dr. Kazuhiko Yamazaki are experts in organizational sense-making and design intelligence. Kaz Yamazaki is the author of Experience Vision, a professor at Musashino University in Tokyo and is co-founder of X-Design Academy. Jim Kwolyk is the design director for Content Evolution and the owner of Kwologic Design. Todd Hoskins is the founder of Canopy Gap, dedicated to purposeful organization vitality; the name “Canopy Gap” comes from a phrase used in ecology referring to the open spaces in forest canopies where sunlight allows new growth to emerge on the forest floor. Stacey Baer is an expert in User, Customer and Brand Experience Strategy, having developed and employed key experience strategies at IBM, Lenovo and Whirlpool.

SenseMapping is offered by Content Evolution, a federation of professional practice companies working in research and voice-of-people, strategy and business models, brand strategy and management, and customer and employee experience.